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My name is Aung, and I’m just another techie blogger. I regularly write and share here what I learned from my life experience. So, you’ll read about the work I do, the places I go, and the people I meet. If you have any questions about my posts, please feel free to leave a comment, and I’d be happy to reply if appropriate.

Get to know “Aung”

Aung, pronounced “Oun” (rhymes with “sound,” without the ‘d’ and ‘s’), is a common name in Burma. It means “win”, “victory”, or “success” in Burmese. Burmese names are traditionally given to newborns based on the horoscope for the day of the week that the child was born. Typically the name for a child born on Sunday begins with “A”.

Recent Update

  • Change of the Business Name

    My business name has been changed to SoftCode Web Solutions and registered at the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). SoftCode Web Solutions provides domain name registration, web hosting, web application development services and eCommerce solutions. Visit for details.

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Aung has had many years of experience in web application development. Especially, he’s focusing on B2B2C, online trading, and technologies for businesses. So, he can help all you need to get your online business with eCommerce functionalities. Get in touch with him for free advice.