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I’ve made this application for learning purpose and use to shorten the long URLs. Since the shortened links are supposed to share with others, I’ve integrated a user interface with the database query feature for website visitors. Though visitors shall not use the shortened URL function, they can view, copy or reshare the links.


The backend of this app shortens the long URLs with a given code word. The frontend fetches information from the database and displays it in the simple responsive table. The features include visitors can copy and share the links on social media while the web admins can create shortened URLs.

Web Application URL:

Version 0.2
- Update the UI
- Added Copy Link button
- Added Fallback URL feature
Version 0.1
- Initial release
[Core Script]
- YOURLS-1.8.1
[UI Design]
- Boostrap 5.0
- Font Awesome 6 Alpha
- DataTables 1.10
Can I use this app to shorten URLs?
No. This app is configured for private use only.
Can you implement this app on my website?
Yes. I can work for you for a fee.
How does it work on the backend?
It works like TinyURL or Bitly. It creates shortened URLs with your own domain name.
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