Watched Movies

These are the films I’ve watched lately, and I’m sharing my taste in cinema what’s good and what’s bad.

Bird on a WireBird on a Wire

This film is a comedy-action film that plays lame jokes and mediocre actions. The plot is all routine and irrelevant. Overall, the film isn't exciting, funny, and definitely, isn't that all thrilling.
The KingdomThe Kingdom
Although the story, actings, screenplay, and editing are good, the horrible camerawork tortures the audience to get sick and dizzy with its movements. I was frustrated watching this film.
Man on Fire (1987)Man on Fire (1987)

Watch another version of the same story directed by Tony Scott with the actor Denzel Washington. Then watch this film only to see how poor directing and editing can make a good story worst.
A Bear Named WinnieA Bear Named Winnie
This film tells a beautiful true story. It's fun watching and also moving. The quality of filmmaking is just fine, but it's entertaining enough. Kids will definitely love this film.
Chosen (2016)Chosen (2016)
This war drama film is a high-class production. The film tells a compelling true story with magnificent cinematography and an elegant colour effect. All actings are superb, and this film is overall a good watch.
Abducted (2007)Abducted (2007)
It says the film is based on a true story, but it doesn't look like it. Actings and dialogues are poor, while the plot is pretty decent. Actually, this film could be a lot better.
Jennifer EightJennifer Eight
This film tells the story of a serial killer, but it's slow, and the thriller is not very exciting. Some unrealistic actions and plot holes make this film a dull thriller. Cinematography is fine, though.
Beauty MarkBeauty Mark
Beauty Mark is a powerful and beautifully crafted drama film. The story and the important message in it was sensibly told. I highly recommend this film.
Lonely Hearts (2006)Lonely Hearts (2006)
The film tells the true story of crime. A simple story, but I love it. Directing, cinematography, acting, and costumes are well made. Overall, this film is entertaining.
The Guilty (2000)The Guilty (2000)

It seems like a film amateur writes this story. The plot is so pathetic with its twists and turns on many implausible coincidences. Bill Pullman's acting was just awful too. This film may be only good if you have nothing else to watch before you go to bed.