Mollymook Golf Club

Aung playing golf at Mollymook

Mollymook Golf Club brought my interest by their advertisement. Their website says the club is located on the Shoalhaven’s majestic Mollymook Beach shoreline, with unrivalled panoramic ocean views.

I booked for the beachside course before taking a 3 hours drive from my home in the western Sydney area.

When I arrived at the club, I didn’t waste too much time to tee off as I was exciting. I played pretty well at the beginning of the game, but I started wondering a bit later whether I was playing on the beachside course. I asked one of the golfers on the course to confirm it before I continued playing without seeing water or breathing beach air until the very last hole 9.

The club is at the breathtaking oceanfront location, the beach is beautiful, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. The only thing you’re missing is the ocean view while you’re playing golf – which I was after.

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