Online Card Payment

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I think utilising a payment gateway for an eCommerce site is like driving a car.

Like you need to obey the traffic rules while driving a car, all your online transactions with card payments need to strictly follow the terms and conditions. Otherwise, the gateway provider can hold your money even after the transaction has been authorised or approved.

If there’s no issue with your transaction, you’ll be fine without proper security standards on your website. If there’s an issue, you’ll be fined and may end up in big trouble. This is also identical to driving a car without seatbelts; you’re fine as long as there’s no accident or no police check.

Above all, choosing a payment gateway provider is the most important. You really need to search for the right provider for your business. I suggest you do good research and seek professional advice.

As it says with the above analogy, when you need to drive a car, you need to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and know the rules you must follow to keep yourself safe. Likewise, when it comes to an eCommerce payment, you need to make sure your gateway provider is trustworthy and you know the terms and conditions you must follow to keep your business safe. So, don’t drive on the road if you don’t have enough skill. Don’t utilise online payment facilities if you don’t have enough knowledge. It’s too risky!

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