Uninstalling Softaculous

Softaculous typically can be found on the web hosting’s control panels. It’s a script library that provides installing web applications to a website.

The script makes installing web apps easier; however, it can create issues when you upgrade or uninstall the applications installed via Softaculous. As for me, I prefer not to use that script any longer and decided to uninstall it after I’ve been used it for a couple of years.

The instruction on how to uninstall the script written in their documentation is awful.

I’m not sure whether I really need to execute 24 lines of commands.

Someone says only 6 lines are needed, and it should be neatly uninstalled from the server.

Anyway, I followed the instruction from the original documentation and encountered a couple of errors.

Because of the errors, I wasn’t sure whether the script has been cleanly removed from the server. There was still the Softaculous icon appearing under the plugin section even after I rebooted the server, the link for the icon was no longer working though.


I just left it at that stage and logged out from the WHM. On the next day, I’ve found the Softaculous icon on both WHM and cPanel were gone. I believe I can eventually remove it cleanly from the server.

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